Pharos programs aim at attracting a share of the post-high school and post-bachelor market in Asia while ensuring the quality of candidates as well as their capacity to adapt to the French education system to eventually earn a degree.

Our programs are operated in the name of partner French higher education institutions, providing them with multiple implementations in Asian countries without financial risk while respecting their pedagogical requirements in terms of recruitment and academic objectives. The programs also allow the marketing strategy in Asia to follow the guidelines of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in terms of the recruitment of foreign students (good academic and linguistic level, recruitment through cooperation programs, and preparation in students’ home country before departure to France).

Pharos’ vast range of programs offers a combination of several characteristics:

Recruitment level:

  • Pre-bachelor level targeting students in their last year of high school wishing to enter a bachelor’s degree program in France
  • Pre-master level targeting students in their last year of bachelor’s degree studies or having already graduated and wishing to enter a master’s degree program in France

Field of study:

  • Engineering sciences
  • Business, management, and the humanities
  • Creative and cultural industries (art market, event management, design, cinema, theater, fashion, etc.)

Length of studies:

  • One-semester program
  • Two-semester program
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