Pharos Team



Cedric Barrier, Chief Executive Officer

 Cedric arrived in China in 2003. After several experiences in China working as  an engineer for MNCs, universities, and an SME in various fields (cosmetics,  micro-electronics, and automotive), he cofounded Pharos Education with Mei  Yuan at the end of 2008. Since then, he has been actively involved in the  entrepreneurial community in China through various responsibilities in  associations (president of JCEF in 2010, board member of the Sino-French  Chamber of Commerce from 2013 to 2015, and cofounder of CJD’s Beijing  branch in 2014). Cedric holds a master’s degree in engineering from Ecole  des Mines de Saint-Etienne.


Maggie Mei Yuan, Chief Operation Officer

 Mei Yuan (Maggie) graduated with a degree in editing and publishing from the  Institute of Graphic Communications in her home town of Beijing before  moving to the U.K. to pursue a master's degree in communication studies at  Leeds University. Her time in Leeds as an international student not only gave  her great insight into European culture but also allowed her to understand the  differences in student life and culture between her native China and the U.K.  Since then, she has worked as a journalist for both News2Biz and the UK's  Sunday Telegraph and as a marketing and media director at RE/Max. Her  communication skills in both English and Chinese, her experience in  accurately representing institutions on an international platform, and her experience abroad led her to co-found Pharos Education as the chief operations officer.

Antonia Dubrulle, Head of Academic Development

 Antonia arrived in China in 2007. She founded and directed an IESA  representative office (which later became a Studialis representative office),  whose market-driven strategies in China include establishing academic  cooperation with Chinese universities and implementing preparation  programs.

 She has taught extensively in France (Lyon II University, INSA, and IESA)  and China (Capital Normal University, Central Academy of Theatre,  Hubei  Institute of Fine Arts, University of International Business & Economics,  etc.). She has published books and articles on Sino-French cross-cultural literary and artistic exchange. Her last book on the art market (Le Marché de l’Art) was published in 2014 by La Documentation Française. Antonia holds a master's degree in literature from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon


Beijing Office (headquarters)​


Olivia GUERRY, Key Account Manager, IMT & Pass-World

Amaury RAMIER, Business Developer

Marie-Pierre SIEFFERMANN, Sales & Marketing Advisor

Xin SONG, Studialis Business Developer

Clémentine SUN Meng, Students Coordinator in Beijing

Weining TIAN, Recruitment Officer

Ying WANG, Home Officer

Kunmang YANG, Social Media Officer

Lin YIN, Marketing Specialist

​Tantan ZHANG, Study Abroad Consultant


India Office (Bengaluru)


Anand PILLAI, Head - India Operations


Shanghai Office


Juliette LALANNE, Student Coordinator in Shanghai


Paris Office

Nicoline LAGEL, Pedagogic Coordinator

Tonvinh TIEU, Education Counsellor

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